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1 day ago

The origins of fintech at forbes.pl

In an extensive piece you can also read about how the ideal economic standing ended the era of bank domination. Krzysztof Przybysz sees the advantage...

1 week ago

Letter from the debt collector – practical advice in a piece for fakt24.pl

If you receive a letter from a debt collection company, you should remember that it is the creditor’s responsibility to prove that you owe a...

1 week ago

Fintech trends to watch in 2020

In 2019, a very important change was the introduction of the PSD2, which was created to open the industry to non-banking entities. In the coming...

2 weeks ago

LOANDO Group – 2019 year-end summary

Krzysztof Przybysz, LOANDO Group CEO, commented: In 2019, we launched the aff44 mobile app which allows publishers to monitor their campaigns anywhere and anytime. We...

2 weeks ago

Marcin Sikora on fintech industry trends to watch in 2020

Marcin Sikora also mentioned current problems of fintech such as adapting to legal regulations or managing financial mechanisms. He drew attention to the unflagging interest...


- the first global comparison website of consumer loans and credits.

Lynx Loando
logo pożyczka portal


- the largest and one of the first comparison websites of non-bank loans in Poland and one of the first sites devoted to non-banking topics.

white bear in the circle
logo aff44


- affiliate network focused on the financial industry.

bag of money
logo Cormo z kormoranem


- software house created by young and dynamic programmers from Olsztyn.

cormorant as superhero
log loando direct


- contact centre and financial operator.

woman with a receiver
logo fintek


- group of fintech enthusiasts and new technologists.

colorful shapes
logo innova interactive


- multimedia agency that specialises primarily in SEO, content marketing and UX.

circle and triangle
logo silklead


- platform for monetisation of leads, so-called lead generator.

orange circle
logo moneybeat


- modern White Label service provider.

orange arrow
logo klang media


- agency that deals with communication and creating the image of brands, organisations and people.

colorful exclamation mark
logo zagrano


- website for mature players and popular culture fans.

zagrano sign