Tymon Zastrzeżyński in an interview for Puls Biznesu

Tymon Zastrzeżyński in an interview for Puls Biznesu

Loando wants to play the virus. Working with the loan industry only did not pass the pandemic test. The affiliate network, however, does not give up but is impetuously entering new areas: banking, bookmaking, and gaming. Tymon Zastrzeżyński, CEO of LOANDO Group, gave an interview for Puls Biznesu.

We would like to be the number one affiliate partner for banks in Poland. It will take time, but I believe that by the end of next year we will be able to come second, behind Totalmoney.pl.” – declares Tymon Zastrzeżyński.

We provide bookmakers with several hundred new users every month. We work with virtually all entities from this market. At the moment, we are focusing on building the pewniaczki.pl portal, marking our presence in social media and establishing cooperation with influencers, including Marcin Krzywicki, Łukasz Gikiewicz, Krzysztof Marciniak and Marcin Najman.

We are working on launching an online store for gamers. Patryk Pietrzak has become our consultant. Such brands as CD Project, CI Games, and gram.pl. We have acquired about 400,000 for this purpose. PLN from a private investor. We are also looking for capital on the market – we are considering a round of financing with an investment fund or crowdfunding. We will spend the money on promoting the new brand and scaling the business.” – announces the head of Loando.

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