Personal data verification thanks to the cooperation between the LOANDO Group and Kontomatik

Personal data verification thanks to the cooperation between the LOANDO Group and Kontomatik

The LOANDO Group focuses on development and expansion on foreign markets. To further improve the comfort of its clients, the LOANDO Group decided to cooperate with Kontomatik. It will allow to significantly optimise and improve internal processes of client data verification.

Why does the LOANDO Group begin cooperation with Kontomatik?

There are many reasons for cooperation between these two institutions. For many years the LOANDO Group has been operating in the international financial sector. Fast development requires the introduction of the best offers and newest innovations. Clients’ comfort and safety is our constant priority, hence the decision to join forces.
Kontomatik is a service that has been gaining more and more recognition among loan companies and banking institutions for the past several years. It is one of the fastest methods of personal data verification on the market, which in the future may completely replace the traditional verification systems.
Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, Kontomatik allows you to identify the client and adjust the financial offer to his or her needs and repayment options. Estimating the creditworthiness of a potential client is possible because the service provider has information on any bank operations made by the client.

What will clients gain thanks to this cooperation?

We decided to cooperate with Kontomatik in order to improve the speed, convenience and safety of our clients. How is it working? When applying for a loan, clients are asked to choose how to verify the data. This step allows you to make sure that you are not going to get the money from a fraudster.
Kontomatik synchronises our account on the loan portal with a personal account at the bank. After logging into the online banking system, all the necessary data are automatically sent to the institution. After successfully authorising the account, the system deletes all data from its memory and leaves no trace of it. Clients are therefore completely safe.
Knowing the full profile of the client allows you to personalise and improve the offer. It also allows you to notice changes taking place on the market and quickly adapt to the expectations. Kontomatik enjoys great trust among financial institutions. It is used, for example, by Wonga, T-Mobile, Idea Bank, Alior Bank and Kreditech.
The LOANDO Group is also now starting cooperation to provide clients with an even higher quality of services.