– a training video in cooperation with VIA SMS – a training video in cooperation with VIA SMS, the flagship project of LOANDO Group wants to meet the expectations of the market and consumers by offering on its website instructional videos explaining in a simple way how to take up a loan from a given service provider. The first video was created in cooperation with VIA SMS, which is one of the oldest lenders on the market.

The aim of uploading instructional videos on is primarily to explain borrowers how the entire loan application process in the case of a specific service provider looks like and to do it in a few simple steps. The film does not only describe all the stages of granting the loan, but also indicates which documents should be prepared and which conditions have to be met in order to receive the money. The video is supplemented with a short description of the lender and a summary of all the presented steps.

We are striving to constantly adapt our website to the ever-changing market. A special emphasis is placed on helping consumers to choose an offer that meets their expectations. Seeing the positive reactions to the video created in cooperation with VIA SMS, I think that such videos will become a permanent form of presentation of the offer of individual service providers, comments Tymon Zastrzeżyński, LOANDO Group CEO&Co-founder.