on the 2019 Polish Fintech Map on the 2019 Polish Fintech Map

At the end of May, the 2nd edition of the Cashless Fintech Evening took place. During this event, an updated 2019 Polish Fintech Map was presented. It was prepared by the editors of Cashless in cooperation with the FinTech Poland foundation. The comparison engine, the leading project of LOANDO Group, was also recognised among the fintech companies presented there.

The Polish fintech map was divided into 9 categories: financial management, insurtech, payments, middle or back office, personal finance management, loans and credits, cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies and blockchains, capital markets and currency trading. The comparison engine belonging to the LOANDO Group landed in the category of loans and credits.

Krzysztof Przybysz, LOANDO Group CEO, commented: Getting recognised on the 2019 Polish Fintech Map is a great honour for us. It is also a great way to classify and organise the Polish fintech market. It is for such initiatives that we are able to observe how dynamic the development of this industry is and that it is growing year by year.