Loando Moments – Rafał Szunejko

Loando Moments – Rafał Szunejko

It will soon be three years since Rafał has started to contribute with his work to the development of our international Group. During this time, he moved from the position of front-end developer to the “commander-in-chief” of Affiliate44 affiliate network. How did this happen? Find out yourselves!

My adventure with LOANDO Group started quite unexpectedly. In August 2016, I got a job offer as Traffic Specialist in the Affiliate44 network. I was only moderately enthusiastic about it, because until then I was dealing mainly with topics concerning creation of websites. Due to that, the first months of work were very intense. I have used this time well and quickly developed a better work routine.

At the beginning, I dealt with both front-end tasks on the websites of LOANDO Group as well as supervision of the proper operation of Affiliate44. After a short time, the secrets of affiliation turned out to be so fascinating and absorbing that I devoted all my time to taking care of the Affiliate44 network.

A breakthrough in my career was October 2017, when the CEOs offered me management of the network. My first task was to rebuild the entire team and transfer the LOANDO Group affiliate activity to our Olsztyn office. The team of Accounts was built during the period from October 2017 to May 2018. Currently, it consists of three Account Managers (Asia, Michał, Piotr). It is my task to manage the team that has the maintained this same composition and is still working today.

Our main goal, when it comes to our plans for the future, is to expand into foreign markets. We are also acquiring new publishers all the time and broadening our portfolio with new campaigns. We strive to maintain the position of the leader of affiliate networks in the financial industry.

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