Loando Moments – Marta Biegaj – Junior administration specialist

Loando Moments – Marta Biegaj – Junior administration specialist

Marta has been a part of LOANDO Group since 2017. Since the beginning of our cooperation, she has proven her worth in different hard missions. Thus, she keeps the whole office in check and is always able to provide the right solutions.

I started my work at LOANDO Group at the beginning of 2017 during my studies at the University of Warsaw. At the beginning, I worked as a receptionist. This kind of work may seem little interesting, but helping to organise meetings and office life is a very interesting experience. I’ve always liked planning. From the start, my company’s responsibilities required being creative and acting quickly. How I dealt with them convinced me that I would manage in every situation. I was also responsible for the circulation of documents, which meant that I also got acquainted with administrative matters. Office coordination has never been monotonous for me.

Huge changes came in May 2018. It was a crucial moment for my career. I was entrusted with the coordinating the relocation of the entire office. The organisation of this relocation was quite a challenge for me. However, this situation motivated me even more and I stood up to the task. Many duties were entrusted to me, because changing the location of the entire office brings complications with it, which had a significant impact on the then work harmony. I was involved in projects that aimed at bringing all employees to a new workplace.

Already in July 2018, my superiors appreciated my contribution to the company’s development. Big motivation to work and willingness to develop led to my promotion. I am now junior administration specialist. My analytical mind is doing very well in this position. Next, I’m dealing with the creation of documentation and participation in the daily work of the office. I know in which direction I want to develop and I feel that I am in the right place. Thanks to LOANDO Group, I have the opportunity to train myself in my everyday duties as well as to receive external training. In the near future, I plan to defend my master’s thesis in administration, and considering the fact that my career in the company goes as planned, I hope to get further development opportunities within LOANDO Group.

Junior administration specialist