Loando Moments – Krzysztof Domeracki – Content Team Leader, Innova Interactive

Loando Moments – Krzysztof Domeracki – Content Team Leader, Innova Interactive

Krzysztof is the best example that in LOANDO Group, we often assign more value to commitment and enthusiasm than to experience in the world of finance. Many of our employees start as interns. Later, they develop their talents in the company structure. That’s the path that Krzysztof took to the position of Content Team Leader.

When I started working in LOANDO Group, I didn’t even know what fintech meant? I also did not see what the loan aggregator is and I did not realise how the revolution in the payment system impacts consumers’ shopping and credit habits.

I came to LOANDO Group with a lot of experience in work with content – I wrote mainly PR texts and invented content for social media sites. In January 2017, I started working at Loando as a copywriter.

During my copywriting adventure I created articles in the field of finance and insurances. I was especially keen on searching for the golden mean that has to be found somewhere amidst rigid rules of editorial SEO and the need to make your text attractive to the reader. This approach resulted in a small promotion in the structure of our organisation – in April 2018, I became a senior copywriter.

A real breakthrough in my career in LOANDO Group happened in July 2018. Almost overnight, I became Content Team Leader. My new responsibilities included coordinating the work of the copy department, analysing content in terms of SEO and creating content in such a way that it would be friendly for both the recipient and the browser.

Was the new job a challenge for me? Certainly yes. However, the experience I have gathered and the constant development allowed me to perform my new duties without any problems so far. We will see what the next year brings in LOANDO Group.