Loando Moments – Katarzyna Czerwińska

Loando Moments – Katarzyna Czerwińska

Katarzyna has been working for LOANDO Group since 2017. Her determination and consistent will to gain knowledge allowed her to quickly achieve satisfying results and get a promotion.

As a person entering the world of adults, I came across an announcement of LOANDO Group – a call centre consultant was sought after at that time. My communicativeness and enthusiasm for work helped me pass the recruitment process with a positive result.


Lack of experience, freshly completed studies at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn – this is how my beginnings of going into the sales looked like. The days passed quickly and my knowledge was getting more and more extensive. As a consultant, I was responsible for the sale of loan products. My efforts got appreciated very quickly. After six months of working at the call centre I was offered the position of the customer service specialist. New responsibilities, new team… Nothing is impossible – we did it! When I took up the new position, I started to deal with keeping records, supporting the call centre, maintaining contact with loan companies and finalising loan applications. Along the way, I also had the pleasure of participating in a new insurance project, which is Ocenapolis. My subsequent responsibilities and challenges gave me experience in an area that so far has been completely unknown to me.

In March 2019, I joined the LOANDO Direct team, which was followed by a further promotion to the position of Customer Service Specialist. I was delighted with this change because it allowed me to learn completely different sales methods and techniques. As I’m a very open person, the job I got turned out to be very easy. I like to learn new things and every new project really gives me wings.

Apart from experience, LOANDO Group also gave me new friendships and acquaintances. Common conversations, litres of coffee drunk after work and cookies eaten during breaks – it all created a unique atmosphere that I could only wish everyone to have at work.

When I am not at work, I try to actively spend my free time, most often skating or cycling. I love mountains both in summer when I organise hiking tours with my friendliness and in winter when I develop my snowboarding skills. And when I am not spending my free time in an active way, I like to relax with a book.