Loando Moments – Ivanna Molodozhenya – Project Manager

Loando Moments – Ivanna Molodozhenya – Project Manager

Ivanna has been with us for almost 3 years. In this fairly short time her career has reached a really impressive pace. She started her internship in the PR department and now coordinates international projects of LOANDO Group as project manager. Get to know the path she took from her own perspective.

I started working at Loando in the spring of 2016, when I was just finishing my BA studies at the University of Warsaw and looking for a place where I could apply my theoretical knowledge in my professional work.

Thus, I chose an internship in the PR department at Loando. I was fascinated by the enthusiasm of the directors, whom I met in a small restaurant where we the interview was held. They talked about great plans and their strong will to develop the company, both in Poland and abroad.

I spent my first six months under the supervision of Michał Dąbrowski (Head of Communications in LOANDO Group), who shared with me all the secrets of working in a PR department. My onboarding process was not easier both because of dealing with financial topics and the language barrier. However, I have worked very hard to improve my skills and writing style. I had to overcome barriers on a daily basis.

My efforts were not in vain and after 7 months I was assigned a new, ambitious task. It was a real professional U-turn for me. I started working on my very own project and accepted the position of Project Manager. My main task was to introduce Loando to the Russian market. I was forced to work hard – with a completely different country, different mentality and, above all, different market regulations. Only after a year we could assess the results of my work for the first time. This Russian challenge turned out to be a success and a starting point for further international expansion of LOANDO Group.

After Russia, I directed my steps towards was my native country – Ukraine. I accepted this project with both joy and curiosity. It seemed that the Ukrainian market would be similar to the Russian one, at least at the beginning. But the differences turned out to be immense. The brand new and now actively developing FinTech industry, the lack of precisely defined loan market regulations and even bilingualism – all this did not let me go the beaten path. It was crucial to find a completely different development plan. At the moment, it’s too early to talk about successes of the project, but one thing is certain: Ukraine may still surprise us. And I mean: in a positive way.

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