joints LifeTube partner network joints LifeTube partner network started cooperation with one of the largest mono-national networks in Europe that bring YouTubers together. LifeTube cooperates with over 500 online creators from all over Poland. KLANG! Media, an agency which is a part of LOANDO Group, is responsible for communication and implementation of the project.

As part of its media expansion, the loan comparison website now enters the segment of influencer marketing. This is the next step in the Group’s strategy. Activities were supported by LifeTube, the largest agency bringing Polish video creators together. Two videos were created in partnership with as part of the marketing campaign supervised by KLANG! Media. The productions were made by Dawid Frank with the entertainment channel Planeta Faktów [EN: Planet of Facts]. In the first 5 days after being uploaded to the YouTube platform, the videos were viewed as many as 800,000 times.

“Undoubtedly, influencer marketing is one of the biggest trends currently being used by brands to increase their market visibility. We noticed great potential in this form of communication. That’s why we decided to cooperate with LifeTube, the most powerful YouTube partner network that brings together Polish online creators. Also, we chose this network because they have extensive experience working with business clients.” said Michał Dąbrowski, Co-founder & Managing Director at KLANG! Media.

The actions we have taken are aimed primarily at increasing brand recognition in the target group. The average age of YouTube users is around 25-30 years, which is why we decided to promote the brand via this channel.

“We are constantly looking for new forms and channels of communication that will help us reach even more customers. Cooperation with specific Internet developers under the eye of LifeTube allows us to introduce ourselves to a very specific target group.” added Marcin Sikora, Chief Sales Officer at LOANDO Group.

“Thanks to the cooperation with the KLANG! Media agency and LOANDO Group we have once again proved that influencer marketing is an ideal way of communicating more difficult topics, including those from the financial sector. Our YouTubers – Dawid Frank and Planeta Faktów – were able to present the client’s offer in an interesting and unusual way and contributed to building a love brand.” commented Małgorzata Figat, Sales Manager at LifeTube.