A brand-new face of Fintek.pl!

A brand-new face of Fintek.pl!

Fintek.pl - the website dedicated to financial innovations, which is a part of LOANDO Group, has undergone complete rebranding. Our editors have prepared many surprises and novelties for fintech enthusiasts. #Sfintechowani [#Fintech-ed] is the catchphrase that accompanies the new version of the website. What does it mean?

The visual appearance of the website changed, which was one of the key rebranding activities. The main focus was to change the layout of the website. It was inspired by the layout of social media content. The tiled layout was replaced with a list of articles displayed according to the date of their publication. Thanks to that, the website became a lot clearer. Readers can easily scroll down the daily feed published there.

Łukasz Piechowiak, the editor-in-chief of Fintek.pl, commented: „We want the completely new face of fintek.pl to bring it to a new level. The refreshed look better illustrates the nature and themes featured on the website. Our goal is to build a community of fans of fintech topics, where everyone who’s interested will be able to share their insights, opinions, data and curiosities about global financial innovation markets.”

The new version of fintek.pl has been equipped with many new tabs and thematic content. One of them is “Fintek Extra,” where the website editors are going to publish exclusive materials such as reports and analyses as well as conference and industry reports. The portal was also enriched with features created in cooperation with specialists from the fintech industry. The “Story” tab is going to feature talks with interesting personalities.

The Facebook “Sfintechowani” group was created for the fans of fintek.pl website by the editorial team and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest surprises. Its main objective is to gather fintech enthusiasts in one place.

The concept of the website and the communication around it was prepared by the KLANG agency! Media. Innova Interactive agency was responsible for the visuals and the IT implementation.

Michał Dąbrowski, Klang! Media Co-founder & Managing Director, added: “Working on the new look of Fintek.pl was a huge challenge for us. From the very start, we wanted to create a modern but minimalist website that is perfectly tailored to the target group.”