The Knowledge Zone has been established in the Warsaw office of the LOANDO Group!

The Knowledge Zone has been established in the Warsaw office of the LOANDO Group!

Recently in the Warsaw office of the LOANDO Group, a cosy Knowledge Zone has been created! This is a unique place that is mainly used for reading industry books and daily newspapers. That’s how employees can gain valuable knowledge on many business-related topics, develop their competences, as well as relax and gain extra strength to work.

The Knowledge Zone is a peaceful and very comfortable space

The Knowledge Zone in the Warsaw office of the LOANDO Group was established in a secluded and quiet area. The new space has been equipped with a comfortable sofa, a library and atmospheric light sources. All this means that employees can, in comfortable and cosy conditions, indulge in reading a chosen industry book or business newspaper.

The arrangement of the new zone is obviously quite modest as it was intended to be. Besides, it perfectly fulfils its role. Employees like to spend time there, because they can at least for a moment break away from their work duties, relax and learn about topics from many fields related to business.

There are many excellent books in the library

The Library in the Knowledge Zone contains many valuable books from the fields of marketing, public relations, new media or business. The most interesting are certainly these titles: “Marketing 4.0” edited by three authors: Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Ivan Setiawan and “Project management for beginners” by Marcin Żmigrodzki. In addition, a business-related press appears every day on the library bookshelf.

It is worth noting that employees can also borrow books from the library and read them at home, as well as fill the shelves in the Knowledge Zone with their private literature industry-related subjects.

What else can you do in the Knowledge Zone?

In addition to reading books or newspapers, in the Knowledge Zone you can also sit on a comfortable sofa with a laptop and focus on your work in isolation. The chance of using a quiet and cosy space to perform business duties in a situation when we have a bad day and everything distracts us may prove to be very convenient.

The Knowledge Zone often turns into an entertainment space. After work, employees are eager to play board games there, which sometimes takes even several hours! This space is also a place for meetings, conversations and to socialise with other members of the LOANDO Group staff.