LOANDO Group supports Cantabile choir in Olsztyn

LOANDO Group supports Cantabile choir in Olsztyn

Another year of cooperation is behind us! The LOANDO Group has been supporting the activities of the Olsztyn Cantabile choir for more than two years now. Next year, we’re planning to expand our cooperation and enrich it with further actions. How do we help?

The LOANDO Group supports the Cantabile choir in many ways. Last year, we managed to provide funding to buy T-shirts with the logo for the choir members then creating the choir. Thanks to this help, the choir gained a new, fresh look. The choir wears these new T-shirts during all competitions and concerts in which they participate. In addition, we periodically help to organise photo sessions during choir’s rehearsals and preparations for the performances. Christmas photo shoots of the choir have now become a tradition.

What are we planning for the next year?

Next year, the LOANDO Group would like to expand the cooperation with the Cantabile choir. It would include joint organisation of choir concerts and the involvement of choristers in the organisation of local cultural events co-organised by the LOANDO Group. We also have plans to refresh the image of the choir by donating new costumes.

Who do we also support?

Apart from the support of the Cantabile choir of the Olsztyn choir, the LOANDO Group is also strongly associated with the Socios Stomil association, where it supports one of the most popular football clubs in the Warmia region, Stomil Olsztyn. The organisation of the Cup beach soccer tournament is one of the activities in which the LOANDO Group is involved.