LOANDO Group at the Subprime Credit Forum in Prague

LOANDO Group at the Subprime Credit Forum in Prague

Everyone who is interested in high-risk loans will have the chance to participate in the second Subprime Credit Forum, which will take place on 13 and 14 September in Prague. The Polish LOANDO Group will also be represented - CTO & Co-founder - Maciej Suwik and CEO & Co-founder - Tymon Zastrzeżyński will speak during the conference.

Subprime Credits – the popularity of high-risk loans
The popularity of high-risk loans, i.e. commitments offered by non-banking loan companies, has visibly increased in the last ten years. It has also had an undeniable impact on the progressing financial crisis in the world. However, this is not the only reason for such a large interest in the offer.

The 21st-century society is characterised by a  lack of patience. Instead of saving money, people prefer to realise their material needs “here and now.” Subprime loans meet the needs of clients. They allow you to get quick money with a minimum of formalities. The application process takes now only a few minutes, and even people who are already indebted have a chance to get some cash.

Negative side of subprime loans
Many observers point to the negative reputation of non-bank short-term loans. As they underline, it is caused by an extremely high interest rate on such loans and possible additional charges.

In recent years, many legal regulations have been introduced to protect clients from unfair tactics used by the financial industry. Despite the risk and very high total costs associated with high-risk loans, they continue to enjoy constant popularity.

Subprime Credit Forum – Maciej Suwik and Tymon Zastrzeżyński will appear in the panel
The annual Subprime Credit Forum conference will bring together people involved in the short-term loans industry – representatives of companies offering subprime loans, supervisors, financiers and financial advisors. This will allow a joint discussion on the implementation of the best possible solutions for all aspects of this branch of the financial sector.

The forum will discuss the topics of the latest trends in the market of high-risk loans and the prospect of the future development of the industry. The discussion will also touch on the issue of financial development of companies while ensuring client satisfaction as well as challenges faced by financial institutions operating in different countries.

Speakers participating in the discussion panel of the Subprime Credit Forum in Prague will also include representatives of the Polish LOANDO Group. Panellists will be Maciej Suwik – CTO & Co-founder and Tymon Zastrzeżyński – CEO & Co-founder of the LOANDO Group.

Event start date: 2018-09-13
Event end date: 2018-09-14
Corinthia Hotel
Kongresová 1
Prices from: 1590-1990 Euro
Organiser: Uniglobal