becomes official sponsor of Stomil Olsztyn becomes official sponsor of Stomil Olsztyn

On the last day of February, Maciej Pałaszewski was presented as the new player of Stomil Olsztyn. Maciej Suwik, Co-Founder of LOANDO Group, participated in the press conference. He appeared for the first time as the official sponsor of the Pride of Warmia. Thus, our Group continues its involvement in the region.

LOANDO Group joined in overcoming the financial crisis in Stomil Olsztyn. Our global loan and consumer loan comparison platform officially joined the group of gold sponsors of Stomil Olsztyn. On 28 February, the club boasted the first great result of this cooperation. On this day, Maciej Pałaszewski was presented. He is the new gain of the Pride of Warmia.

Valued by the to be worth 150,000 Euro, the player joined Stomil Olsztyn as a hire until the end of the season. It would not be possible to transfer him from Śląsk Wrocław to Olsztyn without the active help of

Olsztyn is the home town for the founders of LOANDO Group, Tymon Zastrzeżyński and Maciej Suwik. The company has already supported various local initiatives. Among others, we sponsor Stomil Olsztyn Football Academy and Socios Stomil fans’ association. We also organise a junior football tournament – Cup. Interestingly, the founders of LOANDO Group also provide private apartments for three other players of Stomil Olsztyn.

“We are very extremely pleased that we can contribute to the support of our team from our home town through our business activities. We have been rooting for Stomil Olsztyn since our childhood. That’s why the transfer of Maciej Pałaszewski was a personal project for us. We keep our fingers crossed and we are with the Pride of Warmia. In the near future, we are also considering investing in e-sport” – said Maciej Suwik, Co-Founder of LOANDO Group.